Holistic Therapies

Hello from Daniella..

A little bit about the holistic therapies I have on offer.

I completed level 2 Reiki in 2008 however my learning changed direction in April 2015 when I completed my Basic Master Course in New Paradigm Multi-Dimensional Transformation. In 2017 I completed my NPMDT teachers course. Although it is similar to Reiki, I feel New Paradigm has opened me up to a vibrant powerful transformation. It has facilitated me through the principles of love and freedom, empowering me to overcome fear and create the life I want. The best thing about this is I can help you do the same for yourself or you can enroll in one of my courses and learn how to help facilitate healing in others.

The New Paradigm MDT system uses a powerful energy whose core essence is Love without conditions, non-judgment and freedom from fear. The healings are done very simply by laying the hands on a person or by consciously transmitting the energy to that person over any distance. When the energy comes into the person's body and energy system it creates a situation in that person which allows this balancing to take place, if they so will it.

Philosophy of healing: Healing is nothing more and nothing less than facilitating individuals on their path to experience freedom and wholeness according to their own free will and their Divine Plan. (from the New Paradigm Multi-Dimensional Transformation website)

Energy healing can help you physically, mentally and emotionally. It helps break old thought patterns and habits, depression, anxiety and allows you to move forward with your life. It is time for you to step into your power.

I am also a qualified Angel Psychic Therapist a Crystal Healing Therapist and a Fairyologist.

 By tuning into the Angels or Fairies I can pass on their messages to you using cards to help communication. I can work with the Angels, Fairies or Crystals to further enhance the Energy healing I provide which can further assist you to release what is not in your highest purpose. It's a very cleansing experience and can help you release old systems and any negativity in your life.

Sessions take place in my healing room near Leslie or in some circumstances in your own home.

One of the services I offer is distance healing for those who are either too far away to travel or are housebound and Angel card readings can be also be done over distance via email.

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Please contact me at [email protected] or via the telephone number in contacts page to arrange a time and date for booking prior to purchasing any of my therapies.