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Multi-dimensional transition is a tricky process. The world is 3D. We touch, taste, smell, see, hear and feel everything around us. We cry, laugh, eat, shit, piss. We need, we make love, we procreate. We get angry, jealous, hungry, thirsty like every other living thing on this planet that we can see. Once everything on mother earth had a place. Each element, like a jigsaw, fitted together perfectly. Humans respected everything. We probably communicated with and heard every element on this and other planets, realms, realities and dimensions like an amazing web of conscious joining us on all levels.  Then humans forgot their place. There are many theories why evolution, aliens and greed are 3 examples. Somehow, we lost that multi-level connection.

Slowly over the years more and more of us have started to remember those ties, links and talents. Some are born with a higher vibration. Others find it through near death or trauma but most of us slowly awaken and move up dimensions.

Have you seen a ghost, an angel, a fairy a something out of the corner of your eye? Have you felt something a touch, a gut feeling, do you know when someone is about to call you? Have you heard a voice or a sound that has no explanation? If yes, then you are traversing the dimensions. The veil is becoming thinner. Mother Earth herself has increased vibration so like it or not we’re all going up. It’s your choice to take control and understand it or to be left wondering what’s happening. I know some people, myself included, who are pioneering the way in shifting vibration and moving up those levels. It struck me that a lot of them, far from being in a state of contented happy bliss, are actually having a tough time. I put the question, out there, to whoever is “up there” listening to me or perhaps to my higher self my “I AM” WHY?

Why are these multi-dimensional travellers struggling in 3D? The answer I got was “As above, so below”

To explain, as you travel up the dimensions, or ascend, to connect more and more with our higher selves we also must balance this by going down into our shadow selves just as far. There is a need to consider all darker elements of ourselves and our world. For example, every dimension you move up you also move down until you’re able enough to eliminate the lower vibes and pull the upper into the now, the 3D, to be part of us. If we go up without going down we become out there, crazy, spaced perhaps jump realities. We could forget our human selves. That’s why many folks have junk food cravings, sugar, coffee etc. We have the need to remind ourselves we are human this time round. We need to learn to enjoy “being” through balance. So, until you find balance in the 3D things will get rough. Money troubles, illness, relationship worries as you clear all you’re your lower vibrations right to their core. I know there are lots of folks struggling and are probably now thinking, “why the hell am I bothering then?”  I did! What I’m told is that there are less lower dimensions than upper. We will work to clear and then soar. If we don’t put the work in now we will suffer later. If you are brave enough to go out in the rain now you will be out into the sun before the big storm hits. You will be the captain of the ship, helping and supporting others. You will be rewarded.

For now, though keep going. Embrace the days you feel full of light and possibility, energy and don’t beat yourself up if you’re ill or in pain, depressed or angry. Let it pass, don’t wallow. If you forget stuff, feel lightheaded, hear high pitch ringing in your ears, see stuff that isn’t there, enjoy it, laugh at it. The main thing to remember to get you through this? Do everything and yes that’s EVERYTHING from a place of LOVE & INTEGRITY.

Remember I am here to support and help you through your multi-dimensional journey using the New Paradigm Multi-dimensional transformation energy and different dimensional beings. Let today be the first day of your transformation!

                Love & Light to all from Daniella

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