FEAR; The big bad four letter word.

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FEAR; The big bad four letter word!

What is fear and what purpose does it have? For our ancestors it was a useful tool that could prevent them from being eaten by a predator. It is an intricate system of hormonal responses that can physically help you run faster, think sharper and even smell less appetising.

So what happened? Fear became a tool used to fight with each other. Intimidation, control. Crowds of humans can be a lot easier to control when they are scared. They behave and look to leaders for guidance and orders. Our society is being fed this on a grand “terrorist” open fear scale and a subtle “how can I feed and keep my family safe?” undercurrent of fear.

What does this mean for you? Well if you’re empathic, sensitive, psychic, open, whatever you want to call it, the fear you feel can be crippling. As someone who has suffered from anxiety, depression, low self worth and all in all FEAR for many years I am very familiar with what it means. On top of all these emotions, if you’re someone who follows a spiritual, multi-dimensional, energy guided, healing path as I do, you hear constantly “you should be above fear. You should feel bliss, peace” etc etc etc. My internal response to that was “well I can’t be doing it right. There must be something wrong with me. How can I teach and help others when my world isn’t full of cosmic bliss, angel encounters and inner peace.” Then one day, no fanfare, no vision or angel encounter, I realised. The fear I was feeling, the anxiety that hits in waves inexplicably wasn’t, isn’t a bad thing. It’s a tool!

We are multi-dimensional beings. Our bodies and human selves are here on planet earth. Our souls, spirits, whatever you want to call it, are out there in many levels of dimensions. We travel between levels depending on our vibration, but here’s the thing, it also depends on the vibration around us. For the foreseeable our body is down here on Terra firma. We have to survive. For some this can still mean front line life and death but for most of us it’s way more subtle. The vibration around us, like a spiders web, can send frequencies into us telling you something is happening. The physical body responds exactly as it always has, just like for our ancestors, “There’s something coming. Watch out!” that gut instinct when you meet someone. That feeling when you walk into a room or situation. Take that up a level. If you’re working with your “I am” your higher self and it’s feeding you messages, transmissions from other people’s “I am’s” you’re picking up on those warning signs. “Something’s not right. There’s a threat here. Protect yourself.” However, if you’re having coffee with a friend or at home with your family etc, for example, you aren’t expecting to get a feeling of fear or a warning. What happens? You question yourself and go into the spiral of self doubt, anxiety etc. But it isn’t you! You are picking up on very subtle multi level energies asking you to look deeper. As a “healer” it may be a flag that something needs looking at within the person or situation you’re with. It could also be a flag for something you need to look at within. “Am I responding in the way I should be?” Now this doesn’t mean that the person sitting beside you is two faced (although sometimes it could be) they might be blissfully unaware of it. It might be something buried deep that they don’t even recognise as something they need to work on. So steadfast and confident, convicted to their cause that the problem has to belong to you. NO! It’s not you! There may be nothing you can do at that moment. People will only argue, resent you even begin trying to destroy your life. Their defence mechanism switches on. Their own fear, even if they are so embroiled in their own inner peace, it’s there the fear and they will subtly begin defending. Walking away might be your best course of action you don’t need the conflict.

But this is the part i got wrong for years, I made it MY problem. I took on all that warning energy as my own. The negativity, anger confusion coming off that person/place I owned it. I made it my problem. I thought I was wrong for having a different feeling, a different approach. I would self analysis, question, re-question and I would make it all my fault. This would make me fear taking a step forward. Now I see the self critique, analysis and cautious approach can be my ally. The alerts I receive can guide me away from the most subtle attacks. So subtle that someone’s 3d self doesn’t even know or mean to do it.

It’s time to stop doing the rabbit in the headlights response and instead plan a strategy and work at it. The 3D is a down and dirty place. Is it easier to let ourselves roam the multi-dimensions of our astral bodies? Well I think the answer is yes! It’s awesome to feel bliss and happiness all the time but it’s not real. Life is not about getting up there past the human body’s responses. It’s not about living without fear, jealousy, anger and so on. This life is about bringing our multi-dimensional tools, instincts and talents down into our human selves. It’s about using our very real physical feelings as a toolkit to better connect ourselves with our more hidden aspects, shadow elements if you will, and clearing those blockages. Changing and exposing those areas into the light.

So next time you have feelings of fear, self doubt, anger ask “why am I feeling this? Who does this belong to?” Don’t own other peoples doubts or debris. Don’t own your own. Feel. Question. Understand. Deal with it and then, most importantly, most difficult, LET IT GO!!!

Do I want to live without fear? Not really. I want to change my attitude towards it and use it as a tool to move forward, not a shackle holding me back.   

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