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  1. Hi all

    We have decided to give up on selling the clothing and concentrate our efforts on our own hand-made goods. Daniella will be making talking sticks, staffs and wands whilst Jim is turning his hand to making fairy houses and even garden sheds. He is also going to try wood carving for the first time (Jim and sharp objects ?????? always a recipe for disaster, lol !!) so lets just see what he comes out of the workshop with, I'm sure it will be interestingly weird :D

    The Zen Den is completed and now open, ready for you to come and enjoy an energy rebalance, crystal therapy or angel card reading. Daniella has just completed a meditaion course and is awaiting the results so all going good, there might just be some meditation classes in the mix too :)

    Love and Light

    Jim and Daniella

  2. Multidimensional

    Multi-dimensional transition is a tricky process. The world is 3D. We touch, taste, smell, see, hear and feel everything around us. We cry, laugh, eat, shit, piss. We need, we make love, we procreate. We get angry, jealous, hungry, thirsty like every other living thing on this planet that we can see. Once everything on mother earth had a place. Each element, like a jigsaw, fitted together perfectly. Humans respected everything. We probably communicated with and heard every element on this and other planets, realms, realities and dimensions like an amazing web of conscious joining us on all levels.  Then humans forgot their place. There are many theories why evolution, aliens and greed are 3 examples. Somehow, we lost that multi-level connection.

    Slowly over the years more and more of us have started to remember those ties, links and talents. Some are born with a higher vibration. Others find it through near death or trauma but most of us slowly awaken and move up dimensions.